Our Story

Resep Ibu is an internationally recognized Indonesian based instant dressing and sauce manufacturing company.
The company started as a simple food canteen selling its delicious pecel salad out of a Surabayan shopping center in East Java. So delicious was this dish of lightly blanched vegetables and rice topped with a thick, sweet and slightly spicy peanut sauce, locals were soon traveling from across the city and the state to taste the traditional Javanese salad.
On the back of the product’s demand, the decision was made in 2006 to expand production. In doing so, Resep Ibu’s pecel would become the first product to utilize vacuum packing in Indonesia.
Utilizing this packaging technique, Resep Ibu’s product line would soon include three mainstays of Indonesian culinary flavor. These being cashew nut and peanut dressings for pecel, gado-gado and a satay sauce with cashew nut.
The release of these three sauces well received, Resep Ibu’s business partners soon began exporting them to Europe, Singapore and Japan.
Today, Resep Ibu’s goal is simple: To expand the company’s global reach and bring Resep Ibu’s rich history of Indonesian quality and flavor to your table.
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Our Certification

Resep Ibu management system is certified according to ISO 9001. Hygine quality and food safety of our products have been certified according to Halal, Badan POM RI, and HACCP regulations.
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